Twister The elegance
of a perfect insulation

Twister by Silex represents an important solution for designers/architects to realize external building closures and when it is necessary to match the architectural image of the façade with technical performances of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and fire reaction required by the current norm.

Twister by Silex is an insulated panel with architectural finishes, designed for building wall closures where the sense of installation , vertical , horizontal or oblique , contributes to the aesthetic result of the work
The joint has been studied with a labyrinth system to hide the closure, maintaining all insulating features Silex panels always guarantee: the joint “head-head”, in a horizontal or oblique installation , can be realized either with extruded profiles in aluminium or with simple accessories.

Aesthetically, the panel allow designers to choose from different external and internal finishes: specifically on the outer side we offer a draw in 2 types, large diamond-tip (width 100 mm) and narrow diamond-tip (width 15 mm); we also offer a “waved” finishing with a light wave (width 50 mm) or a perfectly smooth and plane finishing. On the inner side we offer a ribbed draw of 2 types or a perfectly smooth and plane surface.

These patterns realize shadow effects on the surfaces moving the planarity of the facade and embellishing the architectural value of the work.
The several thicknesses of metal sheets realized in galvanized steel , stainless steel, aluminium and other metals, answer to weight capacities and resistance needs required, while the wide range of coatings and finishes allow to get different performances and many aesthetical solutions.

The wide range of polyurethane thicknesses , PUR or PIR , ensures the achievement of important insulating results , with very low certified values of thermal transmittance ; the PIR version is not only auto-extinguishing but also achieves the fire reaction rank Bs2-d0
Thanks to the surface finishing variety combined with the quality of Silex panel hidden joint, allow to create quality building faҫades with an elevated aesthetic value