STORM The guarantee of an elegant Thermal insulation
for refrigerated rooms.

STORM by SILEX is the panel that combines architectural elements and high technical performances in terms of thermal insulation for the construction of industrial cold rooms.

STORM by Silex is an insulating metallic panel engineered for the construction of industrial cold rooms with low and medium temperatures where the aesthetical aspect is very important. Its particular joint with hidden fixation allows to combine high values of thermal insulation with a very easy dry assembly.

The special “calibration” of insulating mass, reached after the complete maturity of polyurethane in air-conditioned spaces, allows to obtain the maximum precision in the joint‘s layout, valued by the double graft of metal sheets. This special joint is the result of a long and detailed study, matured from the experiences that our company has stored in over 50 years of installation in the cold sector with a scrupulous and careful attention to details.

This panel offers a lot of possibilities from an aesthetical point of view, thanks to the different profiles available both for the internal and the external surfaces. On the external face we can actually choose among a lined profile (two different types of line are available) , micro-ribbed finish (100 mm or 15 mm wide), wave profile (50 mm wide) or a perfectly flat finish. As to the internal face, the choice is between the two types of lined finish and a flat profile.

The different thicknesses of the metal surfaces such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other metal supports help to meet the requirements of load and resistance, while the wide range of painting systems and finishes allow to get several aesthetical solutions.

The several thicknesses available of PUR or PIR cores allow to achieve very important results in terms of insulation with very low and certified values of thermal transmittance: in the PIR version and up to 6000 mm the panel STORM obtained the Bs1-d0 reaction to fire classification, the EI45 fire resistance classification, the E60 classification for vertical assembly and the REI 60 or RE90 for horizontal assembly for all thicknesses