ICE The Classic of insulation
for cold rooms

Ice by Silex is the ultimate generation panel connected to industrial insulation traditions, engineered for the sector of refrigeration and controlled atmosphere.

Ice by Silex is a metallic insulated panel engineered to be used as wall, ceiling, coating and closure of cold rooms with low temperature and controlled atmosphere.

Insulation performances reached with this panel are guaranteed by years of realization made by expert technicians, who appreciated the Silex system “joint to be injected on sight” and also the quality and endurance of the joints, engineered to realize a panel able to guarantee superior insulating performances.

“Joint to be injected on sight” system allows to realize hidden joints with thermal cut, fundamental to realize weight – bearing establishments with low temperatures and for those constructions where it is necessary an intermediate joint on wall for the bracing.

Ice is the perfection of panels with a joint to be injected on sight, studied in all its details in over 50 years of projects and realizations of cold rooms: Ice has become a landmark for the construction of cold rooms with low temperatures and controlled atmosphere.

The special joint, which is supplied with the panel, allow to optimize off-cuts, in fact the panel does not have its own joints and when it is cut and “jointed” offers the possibility of being re-used until the smallest part.