Wind by Silex is an insulated metallic panel for walls, engineered for industrial vertical closures, both external and internal, and also for false-ceiling.

Aesthetically the panel can be realized with a smooth or ribbed finishing in many designs: the width of the panel is 1000 mm , 1150 mm and 1185 mm.

The joint has been studied lightly conical to simplify the perfect closing of the panels during the installation and to guarantee the continuity of insulation: a specific gasket placed on the joint ensures a further guarantee of insulation.

The several thicknesses of metallic surfaces realized in galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other metals answer to weight capacities and resistance needs required, while the wide range of coatings and finishes allow to get different performances and many aesthetical solutions.

The wide range of polyurethane thicknesses, PUR or PIR , ensures the achievement of important insulating results , with very low certified values of thermal transmittance ; the PIR version is not only auto-extinguishing but also achieves the fire reaction rank Bs2-d0.
WIND panel is an easy element to set up, extremely functional , able to satisfy many needs on civil and industrial fields

24 November 2016
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Wind panel by Silex represents for the project manager the most complete solution to realize closures where there is the need to achieve technical performances further than simple protection from atmospheric agents.