WET by Silex is an insulated metallic panel born to improve all technical features a polyurethane wall panel can represent: the best about thermal insulation, humidity and condensation barrier, the best fire reaction class and also fire resistance.

The particular double joint with labyrinth realized in metal, bonded with the PIR polyurethane foam (realized thanks to Silex experience), provides to the panel a perfect endurance that allow to achieve fire reaction and fire resistance performances never accomplished before by such kind of insulating panels. Wet panels are certified B-S1,d0 , B-S2,d0 , EI30 and EI45.

Wet panel has been engineered for walls construction and external closures which require high technical performances, for the cold sector with air-conditioned rooms and controlled atmosphere, for the building sector to realize domestic walls and modular homes.

The particular double-graft joint allow the application of specific silicones in the labyrinth to seal the joint, guaranteeing the perfect endurance of the vapour barrier, an essential performance in the realization of air-conditioned rooms in the food sector.

Wet by Silex accomplishes an important application in the construction of climatic rooms where frequent thermal shocks, due to production cycles with an elevated tax of humidity, exalt its performances.

24 November 2016
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Wet by Silex is the perfect panel for engineers when they must solve very complex technical problems regarding thermal insulation, vapour barrier , climatic conservation of the environment and finally fire resistance and fire reaction.