Rain by Silex is the ribbed weight-bearing metallic panel, destined to inclined roofing with a slope not inferior to 7%

Aesthetically, the panel presents an external surface with 5 ribs and micro-ribs on the flat part that increase the load-bearing capacity: the internal surface may have a traditional ribbed finishing, with deep or large ribs , but it can be also perfectly smooth and flat.

The joint has been studied very carefully to avoid that even small imperfections during the installation may compromise the endurance: first of all the little wing of empty rib, that overlaps the full rib, is very long and strengthened by a final micro-rib that stiffens the overlap and improve the seal.

At the top of the joint’s full rib, it has been delineated a gulch that interrupts an eventual going back of water for capillarity. In the internal part of the joint it has been designed a further rib, not only to strengthen the joint itself but also to improve the aesthetic side of it , the rib creates a secure drainage canal to take away, on the external side , eventual capillarity and condensation entering on the joint.

Several thicknesses of metallic surfaces realized in galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other metal sheets answer to weight capacities, resistance and durability required during the installation, while the wide range of coatings and finishes which can be adapted on the panels allow to get different performances and many aesthetical solutions.

The wide range of polyurethane thicknesses, PUR or PIR, ensures the achievement of important insulating results, with very low certified values of thermal transmittance; the PIR version is not only self-extinguishing but also gets the fire reaction class Bs2-d0.
Rain panels are suitable and certified to receive d
ifferent productive systems of alternative energy, solar energy, photovoltaic energy etc…, nowadays required by law: obviously the assembly of these systems must consider a careful planning for the permanent weight that roof has to bear and our experience suggests to engage prepared, experienced technicians and engineers to avoid improper applications.

24 November 2016
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Engineered as the answer to industrial and civil construction needs, Rain 5 by Silex is to the designer a versatile element suitable for many solutions