Frost by Silex is an insulating metallic panel engineered for the construction of industrial cold rooms with low and medium temperatures.

Thermal insulation performances accomplished by Frost are the result of a long and detailed study, matured from the experiences that our company has stored in over 50 years of installation in the cold sector with a scrupulous and careful cure of details.

The special “calibration” of insulating mass, reached after the complete maturity of polyurethane in air-conditioned spaces, allow to obtain the maximum precision in the joint ‘s layout, valued by the double graft of metal sheets.

Silex Frost panel is available in thicknesses 150 mm and 180 mm with a double-labyrinth joint, while from 200 mm to 240 mm the joint is quadruple to guarantee a greater sealing.

Frost panel insulation has got a polyurethane base and it is available in PUR and PIR version to guarantee fire reaction class Bs1,d0, Bs2,d0 and with a special application also fire resistance EI, necessary for the construction of cold rooms with an elevated risk of fire, EI30, E45 and EI60.

Obviously all the surfaces of the panel can be realized in steel, stainless steel and other metal sheets; all coating systems, which protect panel features, are available; therefore coatings with high thickness having a polyester base, polyurethane base or PVDF.

24 November 2016
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Frost by Silex is the modern panel for designers of cold-rooms who want to match installation and realization times with final thermal performances.