Cortex Mono by Silex is a metallic panel with the particular tiled shape (wave) and because of that it is particularly appreciated in areas where constructions must respect special environment restrictions: tile’s external finishes, with a natural or old looking aspect, are obtained with a special painting technology in coil-coating which guarantees the aesthetic performance of the panel in years.

In this panel, the inner metallic support is substituted by a flexible material , therefore it is not recommended for roofs with internal surface in view as it does not guarantee the aesthetic perfection of the inner side.
Cortex Mono by Silex is indicated when panels are installed on a wooden support or a base, otherwise if standing supports are almost continuous.

The inner finish of Cortex Mono is offered with an embossed centesimal aluminium coating, in a natural colour or varnished white (on request), in paper-felt or with a PVC coating.
The several thicknesses of metal sheets used on the external side create the weight – bearing features of the panel itself which can be realized in galvanized steel, aluminium and other metals, while the wide range of coatings and finishes ,that can be adopted on the panel, allow to get different aesthetical solutions.

The wide range of polyurethane thicknesses, PUR or PIR, ensures the achievement of important insulating results, with very low certified values of thermal transmittance.

24 November 2017
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Cortex Mono by Silex is the most economic version of Cortex panel, destined to residential roofs where thermal insulating performances must be combined with load-bearing functions and atmospheric agents ,without giving up to functionality and aesthetic values of traditional roofing.